Jia Sharangpaani

ICF Qualified Business and Life Coach

Licenced NLP Practitioner

Level III FasterEFT Practitioner

Psychology Counsellor

Trainer for Emotional Intelligence

Jia (formerly known as Bhagyashri) has exceptional ability in the Emotional Intelligence field. Her USP is helping her clients make peace with their disturbing past memories, destructive habits, limiting beliefs, physical illnesses in the shortest time possible. She has made a commitment to herself to change 1 Million lives through Uplifter. 


She is one of the in-demand Business and Life Coaches and has worked with a variety of people over the past 5+ years. Her portfolio consists of supporting more than 500 individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates, law enforcement employees, patients at correctional facilities, and college students ranging from age group 6yrs to 86 yrs.

The modalities that Jia uses in her sessions and training are Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), ICF approved coaching, and FasterEFT.

Her 1-on-1 session doesn’t just focus on how to understand the workings of the mind but also focuses on getting hands-on experience to feel the taste of emotional freedom in the shortest period of time possible. Results are measurable and fast.

These techniques are so advanced that you can’t imitate them by just reading books or watching videos.

She’s achieved this result for her private clients with her great ability to give clear and firm instructions. She is compassionate, non-judgmental, and brings the best in people.

You need a dedicated coach who listens, understands, and gets things done to achieve what you aim at. She is that kinda coach!

The Journey of Starting at The Worst and Reaching To The Best…

Jia’s journey to becoming a successful trainer for Emotional Intelligence didn’t happen overnight and to tell you the truth, it was not at all easy. She went through a lot to get to where she is today.

Her journey started with the biggest trauma that happened in her life. Her becoming a widow at the young age of 30 completely changed her ways of looking at life.

She started finding answers to come out of the depression and sadness brought by the death of her beloved husband (Siddharth), life partner, best friend, and business partner. 

Her destiny lead her to understand the workings of the mind. She started using inner pictures and voices inside the mind to understand how they affect the body. Her journey into sadness taught her everything she knows today. 


After she came out of the depression she wanted to share her gift of knowledge with as many people as possible, so she started helping people come out of their problems.

She learned and earned certifications in respected studies (NLP, FasterEFT, Psychology, and ICF coaching) by traveling to the UK and the USA. 


She believes that every person can live an enriched life no matter what the past is. 

She taught this theory to the prisoners of Nashik and Amravati Central jails too! Her experience talking to prisoners and Jail staff was a great learning experience for her as well as it was for them.

She believes that to bring positive change in other’s lives, you need not have education degrees and titles.

One only needs to care about others and she cares!