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What we can help you with:

  • Self-empowerment (Acceptance, self-awareness, depression, anxiety, thinking the worst, confidence building, goal setting and achieving, healthy coping skills, effective communication, powerful questioning, positive brain programming, emotional intelligence, making better choices, improvement in the relationship with self, forgiveness, clarity in life, calming negative voices in the head, overthinking, black and white attitude, etc.)

  • Health issues (Like diabetes, BP, heart problems, back pain, weakness, low energy, and many other illnesses) 

  • Couples Coaching Disturbance in a relationship, communication issues, disagreements, lack of interest, disappointments, achieving goals together, etc.

  • Business: Sudden losses, Lack of decision making, previous bad experiences, no support, anxiety, Fear of fraud, Competition

  • Job: Attracting the right job, job satisfaction, on floor politics, cornering, delivery pressures, inferiority complex, up-gradation of skills issues, personal issues affecting work, lack of concentration, lack of support, communication issue, unable to say "No", etc.

  • Education: Fear of failure, decision making, other family members deciding for you, Low EQ & IQ, Competition in classrooms/ schools/ colleges

  • Family: Unrealistic expectations from others, comparisons, being sidelined, teasing, pressurizing, controlling or being controlled, asking questions continuously, over caring, no space, no power to make decisions, forcing to follow traditions & old house rules, controlling junior members under the care

  • Relationships: Trust, Infidelity, being control freak, lies, lack of self-respect, ignoring, not understanding, not motivating, no value addition by others or self, no help, no support, no responsibilities, being taken for granted, bossing, bullying, blaming and many more such issues

  • Career: Career growth, changing environment/ technology, competition, failing in interviews, communication skills

  • Finances: Lack, no support, changing demands of family/individual, setbacks, sudden loss, inadequate skills, lack of management, lack of planning, blind games/investments, not trusting gut/inner voice.

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