We are much more than just a brand!

Everything we do has a purpose behind it. 

Uplifting People is our life long mission!!

Our story started in December 2014. Emotional Intelligence seemed like the need of every human being to live a fulfilled and successful life. This essential life skill is not taught in schools so we made it our mission to pass on this knowledge to every human being who is willing to improve and wants more out of life.

Today we are privileged to have worked with more than 500 individuals personally and in groups by helping them learn Emotional Intelligence and make powerful choices in life.


Our brand name is derived from the feeling people get by associating with us. We believe in uplifting others by helping them achieve their potential to the fullest. 

Thought behind the brand and logo

Our logo consists of 3 colors.

Blue color at the top represents the sky. Our coaching and training give you the ability to fly high by improving your personality and abilities.

Orange in the middle represents Sunrise. While we are alive, we are supposed to rise above our ego and abilities.

Brown at the bottom represents earth(soil). Soil depicts our roots.

Our Vision

We all have a purpose in life and if we don’t live it in this life then when are we going to live it? At Uplifter, we do not believe in mediocre life whether it is personal or financial. Human beings have immense power to achieve anything and everything we want as long as it is in line with the benefits of humanity. 

Our vision is to make others aware of their life’s purpose and their strengths to achieve their goals. We help them start living a magnificent life which is in line with their purpose of life. This can only be fulfilled when a person knows what his/her purpose is, what they value most, and what they really want to achieve in life in order to feel happy and satisfied.

Our mission: To Uplift 1 million souls and help them fulfill their life's purpose.

Our Teachings: We are proud to operate from the place of nonjudgment and no assumptions about our clients. We believe that every person is good. There are no bad people, only their choices bring them and others desired or undesired results. Every person is unique and has abilities like no other. When a person is motivated and committed to their own wellbeing, with our coaching and training, they can achieve their potential and goals faster.

Our choice of clients: Motivated and highly committed to self-growth. Willing to go the extra mile for own self. Open to learning Brain Magic!